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Hybrid Wave

Uniting elements

Hybrid Wave is an inclusive artistic collective, where any artist seeking to exchange with others in a spirit of sharing and mutual support is welcome. It is an open collective, far from elitism and self-interest. Any artist wishing to take part in the project can apply if he or she feels that he or she shares the vision of the movement.

The collective aims to be a laboratory for research, attempts and unconventional associations by mixing genres, formats and mediums. Unexpected collaborations may arise, both between individuals and between artistic mediums or genres (documentary, fiction, docu-fiction...). Photography-music, sculpture-writing, production-installation... are all possible hybrid combinations. Here solidarity takes on its full meaning; sharing is considered as a way of consolidating each person's art and giving birth to new art forms.

Like a wave that unites the drops of water to become an indestructible wall, Hybrid Wave wants to be an aggregative force that carries its members higher, each one being at the same time a unique element and part of the whole. At the present time, the movement includes artists working in more than ten different fields: photography, design, fashion, painting, sculpture, music, writing, directing, etc... The artists participating in the collective come from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Scattered around the globe, their diversity is an essential asset to nourish their exchanges.

The collective takes shape both virtually, via an internet platform and social networks, but also physically, during meetings, workshops, exhibitions and conferences. Once again, the diversity of artistic profiles allows for multiple faces at these events.

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To become an element of the wave, you need to share the same vision.
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List of elements in alphabetical order

Agathe Simon

Ahmed Amer

Ali Zalzali

Ark Saroj

Ayman Kaake

Charbel Kamel

Charlotte Benedetti

Christian Tartarini

Clara De Gobert

Clara Fantassin

Costanza Savarese

Fabien Ghernati

François-Henri Galland

Hadi Moussally

Jimmy Elias

Josepha Maraninchi

Juanmi Márquez

Jules Viera

Mai Abuhendi

Marie Scirocco

Mario Zumaqué

Max Romain

Nala Luuna

Olivier Pagny

Péter Pál Parragi

Pierre Barbrel


Rahim Unlu


Rojer Feghali

Samuel Huguenin

Saul Zanolari

Shakiba Dawod

Sugonput Wongpimoln

Vladimir Kurumulian

Youssef Tazi


- Reunion #8 : 16/05/2021
- Reunion #7 : 28/03/2021
- Reunion #6 : 28/02/2021
- Reunion #5 : 30/01/2021
- Hybrid Talk : Mai Abuhendi & Clara Fantassin : 07/11/2020
- Reunion #4 : 31/10/2020
- Hybrid Talk : Mai Abuhendi & Pierre Barbrel : 23/10/2020
- Hybrid Talk : Mai Abuhendi & Ayman Kaake : 16/10/2020
- Reunion #3 : 19/09/2020
- Hybrid Talk : Hadi Moussally & Mai Abuhendi : 18/09/2020
- Hybrid Talk : Mai Abuhendi & Nala Luuna : 03/08/2020
- Mai Abuhendi's Takeover on Instagram's stories : 31/07/2020
- Reunion #2 : 19/07/2020
- Reunion in Paris : 30/06/2020
- Reunion #1 : 14/06/2020
- Instagram Live Hadi Moussally & Mai Abuhendi : 17/05/2020
- Digital exhibition :"LOCKDOWN ART" films, photos, paintings and much more, all made during lockdown

ELETTRA connecting cities for the WRONG BIENNALE


Clara Fantassin, Costanza Savarese, Fabien Ghernati, Hadi Moussally, Josepha Maraninchi, Max Romain, Olivier Pagny & Rahim Unlu have come together to participate in the creation of this work. They have interpreted it by analyzing the influence of myth, psychology, electricity and technology’s progress on human relationship, an influence that has reached its peak in the age of covid. The work is made of 7 scenes.Since every artist was located in a different geographical area, every stand-alone scene has been shot to be inline mounted as a «cadavre exquis». The final work represents a color wheel where each monochrome scene succeeds the previous one to create an infinite movement reminding of the electricity circuit.